The Best Weight Loss Plan for Busy Parents

Just because you and your family spend the weekdays apart doesn’t mean you can’t be active together.

Try implementing these 4 easy steps for sustainable healthy weight loss even if you are busy.

1. Schedule your workouts

When I worked in an office, I used daily planner that kept me organized with all aspects of my life—from projects and school deadlines to grocery lists and social events. I wrote down everything, including my workouts. On Sunday afternoons I’d spend some time scheduling my workouts for the week, just like I would with other obligations.

I’d also pick a couple of group exercise classes at my gym and schedule them like appointments that I could not miss. Seeing my work week all laid out with plenty of time for exercise helped me to stick to my plan.

2. Try to eat breakfast

“Breakfast [helps us] maintain focus for the hours ahead — and that goes for kids in school and adults at work,” Kleiner says. “While mornings for most people are hectic, breakfast can be as simple as oatmeal with berries, yogurt with fruit, or a hard-boiled egg.” There are plenty of healthy breakfast ideas that don’t take long to make and will get everyone’s day off to a healthy start.

3. 5 Minutes to Burn 100’s of Calories

This may surprise you…

Sweat drenched exercise routines are not the only way to burn calories.

Several clinical studies shows us that small amounts of body weight resistance training can increase your metabolism for longer periods compared to long cardiovascular workouts.

Doing 3-4 sets of squats or push ups at home will take less between 5-10 minutes and will have a 48 hour impact on your metabolism and hormone levels burning calories long after you stop exercising.

4. Dinner: The Second Most Important Meal

What you eat for dinner is vital, obviously, yet so is the manner by which you eat it. Meigs underlines the significance of setting aside a few minutes for a missing custom: supper together at the family table.

“Not exclusively is there better nourishment from a home-cooked dinner, yet there’s better union in the family,” he says.

In case you’re setting aside the opportunity to put the fork down and converse with the family, Meigs says, you’re eating slower, giving yourself more opportunity to feel full, and possibly eating less. In the interim, you can get educated to what’s new with your children, great and terrible.


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